Waking Up on the Couch is a deep psychological and spiritual exploration as well as an inspiring invitation to discover for yourself what the author came to realize: “Through dying over and over, I am One, and I see there is no end.  This moment and every moment breathes in and out for eternity”.
— Dorothy Hunt, Spiritual Teacher and Director of Moon Mountain Sangha

waking up on the couch

Waking Up on the Couch is the journal of one woman’s quest for spiritual Awakening, from a childhood connection with the “invisible world” in the midst of traumatic sexual abuse, to a profound remembering of her true nature decades later. With candor and courage, author Beth Miller walks us through her experiences of tears, terror, rage, dissociation, confusion, the ending of a marriage, cancer surgery, and years of intense analysis.  In doing so, she shares dreams, poems, insights, and an emerging willingness to drop pretense and be totally authentic. 

In meeting spiritual teacher, Jan Frazier, Beth’s search for awakening seemed to quicken, revealing that the love and freedom she had longed for had actually been present inside her Self.  Perhaps the most engaging part of her story comes as she discovers that awakening to her true nature does not look the way she imagined—with the permanent erasing of all discomfort, pain, anxiety and disappointment—but rather is an open embrace of all that arises in being human, and a tender reconnection with the body. As life and circumstance invite her time and again to let go and “die” into the truth of the moment, she feels the great liberation of  “dying into being,” and living beyond egoic self-centeredness. 

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With gentleness and deep respect for all that is human, Beth attends to the dreams, personal breakdowns, readings and angels that took her to places of extreme vulnerability and powerful growth. Indeed, central to her story of finding divinity within, are the very human beings that guided her path. Watching a program about the journey of a lone polar bear looking for a mate who has stumbled upon the scent of a female, she quotes the programs’ host: “It is less tiring to walk in her footsteps.” It may well be less tiring, and more inspiring, to walk in Beth’s footsteps. 

Wherever readers may be in their own journeys, they are likely to find inspiration from the guiding gems in Beth’s.
— Dona Tversky

Beth Miller embodies what she teaches-being open and vulnerable to all that human love presents. In the intimate accounting of her journey to awakening, she bridges the “two” worlds: the inner and outer, and the visible and invisible. The courage she demonstrates in sharing this journey is both moving and inspiring.
— Ramana, author of “The 7 Steps to your Radical Awakening" 

The story Beth tells of her death and rebirth is best savored slowly. Like the unfolding of any natural wonder or revelation, it happens in its own good time. This book cannot be rushed or devoured with the mind, each page can instead be planted like a seed, allowing it to bear its fruit, which ripens, reveals its sweetness, and decays to become food for the next revelation close behind.  I highly recommend this book for anyone who is a lover the Truth in all its forms. It is both profoundly personal and utterly divine.
— Loren Eskenazi, MD

This book invites the reader into the ease and willingness of being at one with everything and anything that arises in life . . . the messiness of strong emotions, powerful feelings, difficult and glorious circumstances and, especially, each other.
— Julie Brown Yau, PhD, author of the forthcoming book "The Body Awareness Workbook for Trauma: Release Trauma from Your Body, Find Emotional Balance, and Connect with Your Inner Wisdom"