There is nothing wrong with you.


Forgetting our wholeness has led to all sorts of troubles. Remembering it, viscerally, appears to be for what we deeply yearn.

Imagine, if you will, what it would be like if you knew, in the very marrow of your bones, that you were deeply whole, missing nothing, and were completely at home in your skin and in your world, feeling vital and alive, open and curious, knowing –essentially - you are one with everything and everyone.

To be alive - to be human - in this world means operating, typically, from a small and made-up self. The made-up or false self is built on beliefs and history and memories and is terribly averse to uncertainty. This false self is primed for survival and for establishing itself, at all costs, as worthy. The small and false self is, in truth, consciously or unconsciously though, driven by a troubling sense of unworthiness, incompletion and fault.

Consider the possibility that life invites you – calls you to live beyond this false self, beyond this conditioned illusion of unworthiness – this conditioned state of looking for more and fearing inadequacies. Life challenges you in hundreds of ways to not be distracted, not miss out on knowing, experiencing and tasting your delicious wholeness. By staying distracted, by keeping your life and your attention on the surface of things, you are missing out on knowing something essential.

Wake up, in the marrow of your being to what you already deeply know – what you may have forgotten, and may get glimpses of. The silent, simple, rich, and full state of your deepest being is natural; it is unconditioned – simply neutral, not judgmental, vast and not confined. You are life itself, living, breathing, beating, and expressing. You are pure presence.

Do not settle for believing you are whole. Do not buy into the abstraction – the concept of your alrightness. Beliefs, concepts, ideas are a flimsy cover-up for the viscerally real and intimate direct contact with yourself in every moment of your precious life.

Wholeness, our innate state, is not a concept, but a living, breathing truth. Nothing is, needs to be or can be left behind. When we live from wholeness we are able and willing to turn towards our full selves, to all of life every moment, no matter what shows up – any feeling, any thought, and any circumstance. Living from wholeness allows us to savor the actual moment, without trying to change it or understand it or explain it. It is life living itself.

Wake up to that.