Healing and inquiry, in the service of spiritually awakening, is not about getting somewhere, feeling better, or becoming a new or better person.  It is not about being fixed.  More accurately, it is the loosening and the releasing of our contractions of fear, of our conditioned, twisted and knotted defenses; the letting go of what is not real, not true.  You know releasing and letting go works each time you discover and experience the freedom, creativity, wisdom and love that expresses our unbound, true nature.

By inviting presence and compassion to the moment, by going below and beneath the agenda of thought and allowing a direct experience of everything that happens in each moment, we open to an ever increasing unfolding and deepening of presence. 

It is the recognition of our true nature, remembering what has been forgotten but never lost. 

Life invites us to remember. 

Until you see for yourself, it can help to have someone point and reflect this.  


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I am available for individual sessions on Skype or Face Time or in person. Small writing group sessions (limited to 8 people) are also offered. Using silence, poetry and prompts we will explore our deepest essence.

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